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Want to enhance your leadership capability? Only 1 in 5 people are fully engaged at work – but when they are, they’re over 40% more productive. Engaged employees are: 76% better at meeting customer needs. 78% better at solving problems. And 87% happier in life. Companies with high engagement are 40% more profitable.

Ultimately, when people love work… they add more value everywhere.

How we feel at and about work is substantially down to one thing – how we are led by our direct managers. Live BIG® coaches leaders to feel empowered, to love what they do and to do far more than they ever realised they were capable of.

We coach leaders to be great and then we show them how they can lead their people in the same way.

Who is it for? Live BIG® is for any leader in any business – and for any business that wants a more powerful workforce. It’s a way of thinking and being that enables us to be and live to our full potential. We all have loads of capability just waiting to be released. Leaders have the opportunity to help their people realize that capability and that ultimately leads to people being the best they can be, working at their very best – empowered and engaged.

Live BIG® is the leadership methodology we introduced in our group company –Claims Consortium Group – over 5 years ago. It revolutionised the way we lead, feel, behave and serve our customers and our people. It is the force that drove us to be on the Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for list in 2017 and 2018, the Investors In People Gold Standard, and the Institute of Customer Service ServiceMark accreditation. We love it so much we wanted to teach it too and are deeply proud and excited to now be able to bring this to others.

How does it work? We deliver Live BIG® at your business location (UK wide) or our new training centre in Taunton, Somerset. It can be delivered as a complete leadership methodology and embedded within your organisation, or broken into one-hit modules to refresh and energise your leadership teams.

6 Powers, or modules, make Live BIG® real. They are available in a variety of ways, either singularly or as a combination tailored to your business needs:

Training: From a half day workshop to a two-year leadership development programme we have something to suit you. Live BIG® training is contemporary, compelling, energetic, fun and utterly human. It has been designed to feel as far away from stuffy, traditional approaches as possible. Supported by coaching and online tools, our obsession is ensuring leaders are skilled and energised to create new leadership habits that stick.

Coaching: Often a life-changing and transformational journey, Live BIG® coaching empowers leaders to realise the greatness they are capable of in the way they think, act, lead and live. Coaching is available as part of a training programme or as stand-alone development.

The Powers


It’s not the events that happen to us that define our happiness and success, but how we interpret them. Optimism teaches us to accept ‘it is what it is’, and stop worrying about the things we can’t control. Then to SHIFT our thinking, to focus on what we want.


We live in a complicated world. Focus teaches us to create simplicity from this confusion. To focus on our BIG 3 – clear priorities based on our own personal sweet spot (the areas where our efforts deliver the highest return).


We exist in fixed thinking, but to solve problems and invent something new we have to go beyond what we know. Creativity teaches us to remove the fear and suspend the judgement, so we can EXPLORE and build new ideas.


Deep and lasting motivation comes from within when we are able to take action every day in line with something we deeply care about. Purpose teaches us to build this intrinsic motivation. To find the ‘why’ behind what we do and create our clear NORTH STAR.


Life is not always easy, but it can be simple. We tend to get stuck and make things harder than they need to be. Action teaches us to get unstuck. 4 QUESTIONS to take us from problem to plan in any situation, empowering us to go beyond what we thought was possible.


The way we behave is driven by how we feel. How we feel is driven by how we think. Energy teaches us to recognise that our thoughts are just
STORIES we have the power to change. When we do, we can shine – showing up as the best version of ourselves, every single day.

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Why us?

Come and train in our bright, modern training rooms in the centre of Taunton, Somerset. We’re a friendly team with loads of knowledge not just as trainers but as people actively working within the Learning & Development team of a leading business.

We have excellent transport links, being close to the M5 and just a short distance from Taunton train station.